You need to know the value of your business? We know how to assess, and we provide good advice in all relevant questions: Our offer is a high-quality valuation, matching your needs and the valuation cause. 

Our experience facilitates valuating during every phase of a company. There, your strategic and structural considerations take centre stage, so that we can build the fitting fundament for your decision-making. 

Valuations are not just about numbers. More than that, they require a deep understanding of commercial drivers, potential risks and chances, the competitive landscape and tax considerations. As always, scientific experience, regulations for audit services, and legal specifications of our profession are applied. We understand the valuation service as an art of transparancy and information. 

To round up the spectrum, we offer relatively simple, secure and quick valuations for your first considerations of a potential deal – non-bureaucratic for a basic value-based economic assessment. 

Our valuation offer

Qualified valuation  
On base of statutory, contractual and fiscal causes, that require reproducible and robust business valuations according to KFS BW 1 (scientific-based and professional)
Transactional valuations 
Purchase or sale of companies, business divisions or product lines
Valuations in "special" cases 
Focused on the valuation of small and medium-sized enterprises, with individual counsel and determination of the appropriate valuation method: reproducible, target-oriented, with adequat and practical approach for your economic considerations