MS-Cloud: Transfer your data simply & safely

The state-of-the-art secure form of collaboration and data exchange

We constantly concern ourselves with security and system protection as these topics are critical. So we keep our systems up-to-date: We continuously strive for advancement. 

With MS-Cloud, we created the secure cooperation and data exchange platform. It provides secure transfer and 100 % GDPR compliance. We guarantee a secure storage location in Austria. You benefit from safe data transfer without having to take own measures for ciphering! The MS-Cloud gets the highest possible rating, an A+, from Qualys. These data security experts developed the tool SSL Labs which checks the security of an SSL website. For the rating, they use aspects such as encryption, cipher suits and the RSA coding (as of 15 Oct  2020). 

SSLabs assesses the following aspects:

•  Encryption
MS-Cloud transfers data via TLS encryption. There, we use the latest version, the protocol TLS 1.3. As all versions older than TLS 1.2 are vulnerable and potentially unsafe, they are not supported anymore by our tool. 
•  Cipher Suites
We constantly monitor these cryptographic encryption procedures. Thus, possibly unsafe and weak Cipher Suites are eliminated regularly.
•  RSA encryption 
The RSA encryption was upgraded from 2048 to 4096 bits. This brings additional security. The higher the value, the safer the key, and the harder to break. 

If you do not have access to the MS-Cloud yet, contact our service line IT