International tax law

In the 21st century, international business is the rule, not the exception. This implies that sooner or later, you might stumble upon a tax question in an international context. We help you to cope with those barriers, too. Being an independent member of one of the biggest tax and audit networks worldwide, Moore Global, international tax legislation forms the professional part of our global community. We know the questions from a national and an international point of view, and we have in-depth insights and understanding of international procedures. May the question be highly specific and particular, we have the right expert within reach, that finds the solution with us: The perfect round-off for our cross-border advisory skills. 

Double taxation agreeement

These latter compentencies include not only corporate taxes but also the aspects of double taxation agreements. This provides the advantageous solution for you or your employees, as the bilateral treaty allows. The according treaty is always the one between the state of residence and the state of economic activity. 

Transfer pricing

For internationally active companies, transfer pricing can often be considered as a challenge. There are comprehensive regulations for documentation and transparency that have to be adhered to in order to avoid problems during tax audits. We help you from A to Z: for correct and well-documented transfer pricing.