Management by Numbers

You know how profit and loss was during the last years, and you have your thoughts and ideas for the upcoming time. What you do not know are the operating results of the current months, the short-term comparisons of the actual to the planned revenues or expenses, and the preview for the upcoming months – whether there might be serious changes in business development emerging and where you could take countermeasures. 

To this quality aspect, a legal one adds up. The CEO and management board of all corporate entities (stock company/AG, limited company/GmbH, and limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner/GmbH & Co KG) are legally obligated to maintaint an accounting system and an internal control system that fulfil the requirements of the company. These also provide an entrepreneurial benefit for partnerships, too. 

Do not only lead by your personal leadership and your good ideas but steer and manage your company also on the base of concrete figures and data, on the basis of your budgeting