Tax audit & legal rights

You need clarity in business and fiscal questions, and that's what our experts give. However, there are cases and processes where specific expertise for asserting legal rights is needed. 

Tax audit

This is a meeting that doesn't engage an entreprenuer's sympathy: the tax audit. The state uses it to seach for specific mistakes in taxation as well as to increase attitude to taxation. In using adequate and orderly accounting, conducting correct closings and statements as well as sticking to deadlines, you are well prepared. However, in nearly every case, concrete questions and problems arise, and our expertise will speed up the successful process: We act for you, at your tax audit. 

As certified tax accountants, we have also the right to represent in dues proceedings and dues suits for dues of federal, state or minicipal rates, for government aids at the fiscal authorities, at the anti-fraud office, the other authorities and the administrative courts and all official acts set by the bodies of the anti-fraud office within the scope of their finance police tasks and competences. This means: as regards to the finance police, in administrative penalty proceedings at the Higher Administrative Court, to the register court, to state-recognised churches and religious communities, and to the legal representative bodies concerning the chamber contribution.

Fiscal criminal law

During the last few years, financial criminal proceedings have increased vigorously. Tax authorities have taken stricter approaches for judging financial criminal issues. Fiscal Criminal Law is subject to constant changes becoming more comprehensive and confusing.

Our team has extensive experience with tax authorities. We represent our clients’ legal interests in the most effective way, no matter if self-disclosure, tax audits or defending taxpayers in fiscal criminal proceedings.