Payroll Accounting

The payroll for your staff is an ever-changing, sensitive issue, dealing with sensitive data. The continuous changes in labour, social security, and tax legislation can challenge even HR generalists and specialists – and we did not mention data protection yet! Our specialists cope with the changes in legislation on a daily basis, engage in specialist education and have a deep understanding of the implied technical opportunities: You can make use of our expertise, for correct employee classification, efficient and high-quality payroll accounting and legal advice.

We support your human resources management and payroll with:

  • Continuous payroll accounting
  • Payment transactions
  • Settlement of T&E expenses, overtime premiums and bonuses
  • Checking the travel expenses, calculating the tax and social security relevant components
  • Calculating leave pay, holiday pay and sickness benefit.
  • Calculating all duties and personnel accruals
  • Managing all regulations through the labour law, collective agreement’s advancement, verification of coverage, overpay, sickness and leave entitlements
  • Counselling on contracts, company and collective agreements
  • Advice for your questions regarding tax, social insurance and labour laws
  • Information concerning employee on- and offboarding, e.g. for references
  • Counselling for classification in pay scales
  • Registration and deregistration at the social insurance carriers
  • Organising all periodic reports
  • Communication with the social insurance carriers and tax authorities
  • Support at the wage tax, municipal tax and social insurance audits
  • Maximum data protection for your sensitive employee and wage data
Topmost reliability and data security, exact payroll accounting, support for legal questions and communication with authorities as well as effective reporting. Our experts offer secure, modern and highly qualified payroll accounting – and you get your time back for your real core business.